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A Darkly Funny and Inspiring Novel Despite Itself: A Review of Mariko Tamaki’s (You) Set Me on Fire

So here’s the short version of this review: I loved queer Toronto-based author Mariko Tamaki’s latest book, (You) Set Me on Fire.  If you’re not convinced by the awesome title alone that this young adult novel is worth checking out, … Continue reading

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Hello, Queer YA: An Introduction to Queer Canadian Young Women’s Fiction

Having started reading Beth Goobie’s young adult novel Hello, Groin this morning (I’m liking it so far—although the title is a bit unfortunate), I decided it was time to do some talking about queer young adult books on this blog.  … Continue reading

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The Word on the Street is Queer: Also, Watch for a Rae Spoon Book Launch Near You

The Word on the Street is a national festival centred on, you guessed it, words, in all their diverse glimmering glory.  Taking place in Vancouver, Lethbridge, Saskatoon, Kitchner, Toronto, and Halifax and starting in a few days (depending on where … Continue reading

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My Fall Reading List: New Books by Mariko Tamaki, Rae Spoon, and Emma Donoghue

Fall: that wonderfully crisp, clean time of year where the nights get cool and the leaves turn brilliant sunset colours.  It’s also the time for new book releases.  If you’re looking for some brand new queer Canadian books to read … Continue reading

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New Stories by Mariko Tamaki and Zoe Whittall; Plus, Queer Feminist Read Dating in Toronto!

Looking for some great, free, short reads by two of Canada’s best (queer women) authors? Mariko Tamaki recently had a short story published in the journal Joyland: it’s called “The Convicted”–intriguing, eh? Written in a rambling, spoken-kind of style, the … Continue reading

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