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Ask Your Friendly Neighbourhood Lesbrarian # 9: Books With Queer Lady Scientist Characters

Request number two from my friend L: Any books where a queer woman protagonist is a scientist of some kind and that’s not used as a shorthand for her queerness? Well this is a toughie.  When I tried googling some … Continue reading

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Why I Don’t Want to Be a Queer Book Detective Anymore (Although I Do Still Want to Be Harriet the Spy)

I’m a queer woman.  Also, a feminist and a white woman with some hippie tendencies who grew up on a small island on the coast of British Columbia.  Someone who can’t decide whether she likes the city or the country … Continue reading

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So Many Words of Disarming yet Comforting Queerness: A Review of Ivan E Coyote’s One in Every Crowd

Whether or not you’re well acquainted with Ivan E. Coyote’s work when you pick up One in Every Crowd, you’re bound to love this most recent collection of hers, the first geared specifically towards queer youth.  As a long-time fan, … Continue reading

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“Poetry is the muscle, the winged dream of liberation”: A Review of the Queer Issue of Poetry is Dead

I knew as soon as I read Alex Leslie’s smart, heartfelt introduction to the queer issue of Poetry is Dead–a poetry journal based out of Vancouver–that I was going to love what was between its pages.  She writes, for example, … Continue reading

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