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Trish Salah’s Poetry Collection WANTING IN ARABIC: Why to Read It, and How

Have you ever read something that felt too smart for you? Winnipeg-based writer Trish Salah’s poetry collection Wanting In Arabic was like that for me, especially when I first picked it up. I’ve actually had quite a few unsuccessful starts … Continue reading

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Sybil Lamb’s I’ve Got a Time Bomb: A Review of an Unreviewable Book

The only way for me to begin a review of Ottawa-born Sybil Lamb’s novel I’ve Got a Time Bomb is by saying it’s the strangest, most unique book I’ve ever read, and I have no fucking clue how to review … Continue reading

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Not a Bad Apple in the Bunch: A Review of Casey Plett’s Short Story Collection A Safe Girl to Love

Around this time last year, I read an amazing debut short story collection by Nancy Jo Cullen that I raved about, saying it was the best fiction I’d read all year.  There must be something in the air in late … Continue reading

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