I’m Launching a Patreon for Casey the Canadian Lesbrarian!

Hi readers!

I’m nervous and excited to share that I’ve started a Patreon account for Casey the Canadian Lesbrarian. If you don’t know what Patreon is, it’s a site where creators of all sorts of things can make some money via subscription payments from their readers/watchers/etc. It can be as little as a dollar a month!


A new year, even more queer book reviews and lists for you!

I’ve got a few rewards lined up for people who want to contribute. The three most exciting ones (I think) are:

  • A guaranteed spot to be interviewed in my upcoming “Interview with a Queer Reader” series for patrons of all levels. I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while, and it seemed like a great place to start by talking to my patrons (via email, Skype, or in person if you’re in Vancouver!) about their experiences as LGBTQ2IA+ readers. We could talk about stuff like the first queer book you read, which books you’ve read that have really reflected your experiences, which queer book you want to read that doesn’t exist yet, and more!
  • Monthly entries in a draw to win a free queer book for patrons contributing $3 or more a month (2 entries for folks giving $9 or more). I get a ton of free queer books for review, so what better thing to do with them than to pass them on to other readers? Every month I’ll draw a name and give that person a choice from about 5-7 books and I’ll mail the book to them. (Canada and US!). This reward will start when I hit the $25 a month mark, so I have enough to cover shipping costs.
  • Monthly entries in a draw to have a postcard with a personalized book recommendation mailed to you. (Canada and the US as well, and other countries if anyone is interested!). I love giving book recommendations, and I thought it’d be fun to get one in the mail. Real mail is the best! I’ll ask you a few questions about what you like to read via email/Skype and then send you the recommendation.

Check out the link to the Patreon page for more info and details on the rewards. I want to reassure you all that the posts on my blog will always be free for anyone to read. This Patreon account is just a chance for me to make a bit of money in exchange for the time and work I put into my writing. In fact, even if you aren’t able to support the Patreon (no worries), this should benefit anyone who reads this blog as I’m hoping to up the amount of posts I do to eight a month once I hit my first goal of $25 a month.

Thanks so much for your support of Casey the Canadian Lesbrarian—whether that’s through Patreon or by reading, sharing, liking, and commenting on my posts. I appreciate it so, so much! Please spread the word if you want and let me know if you have any questions!

NEW!! (A few people have asked me about making one-time donations. Patreon isn’t set up for that, although their website does suggest you can make a monthly pledge and then just cancel after one month. I know that isn’t a great option. I also have a Paypal account and could do email money transfers with my email address stepaniukcasey [at] gmail.com. Let me know if you’re interested in that and thanks again for your interest!)

About CaseytheCanadianLesbrarian

Known in some internet circles as Casey the Canadian Lesbrarian, Casey Stepaniuk is a writer and librarian who holds an MA in English literature. She lives and works in the unceded territory of the Snuneymuxw First Nation (Nanaimo, BC). Topics and activities dear to her heart include cats, bisexuality, libraries, queer (Canadian) literature, running, and drinking tea. She runs the website Casey the Canadian Lesbrarian, where you can find reviews of LGBTQ2IA+ Canadian books, archives of the book advice column Ask Your Friendly Neighbourhood Lesbrarian, and some other queer, bookish stuff. She also writes for Autostraddle. Find her on Twitter: @canlesbrarian. Some of her old reviews, especially the non-Canadian variety, can be found at the Lesbrary.
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6 Responses to I’m Launching a Patreon for Casey the Canadian Lesbrarian!

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  2. Ravenclaw Book Club says:

    Oh, I’m happy for you! I hope you get lots of support. x

  3. You’ve earned this, Casey! I can certainly spare a couple of dollars a month. Good luck! 🙂

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